Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Overview - The Ultimate Addiction

The Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) has been closely monitoring Bosco Wong, a financial magnate who steps on the line to make profits. He is so addicted to this game of money and power that he neglects everyone around him. Despite the deaths of his wife and mentor, he still feels no guilt; instead, his ambitions grow even larger.

Ben Wong, a CCB investigator and Bosco's brother-in-law, is determined to bring Bosco to justice. He works with his superior Sharon Chan and subordinate Kate Tsui to gather evidence against Bosco. Ben has high expectations for Kate and even views her as his apprentice. However, she suddenly quits the CCB to join Bosco's company. Kate first gains the trust of Bosco's second wife (Nancy Wu) and then helps Bosco defeat influential financier Elena Kong. Soon, Kate amasses enough power to take control, while Bosco's ambitions appear to have been swallowed. In this war-like financial industry, who determines the ultimate winner?

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