Thursday, August 01, 2013

TVB Trends: May-December Relationships

Old enough to be her dad? Age disparity obviously isn't a problem for these TVB lovers...

John Chiang & Liu Xuan in Grace Under Fire - 32 years

Elliot Ngok & Ada Choi in Gem of Life - 31 years

Damien Lau & Tavia Yeung in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles - 30 years

Pal Sinn & Grace Wong in Awfully Lawful - 27 years

Wayne Lai & Sire Ma in Bullet Brain - 23 years

Francis Ng & Fala Chen in Triumph in the Skies II - 21 years

Francis Ng & Myolie Wu in Triumph in the Skies - 18 years

Wayne Lai & Natalie Tong in Bullet Brain - 17 years

Frankie Lam & Linda Chung in Forensic Heroes - 17 years

Alex Fong & Kate Tsui in A Great Way to Care - 16 years

Yvonne Lam & Tsui Wing in Come Home Love - 15 years


Lawrence Ng & Tracy Chu in The Hippocratic Crush II - 24 years

Dayo Wong & Kate Tsui in My Prime Lady - 19 years

Michael Tse & Eliza Sam in Sniper Standoff - 17 years

Joe Ma & Linda Chung in Tiger Cubs II - 16 years

Wayne Lai & Myolie Wu in No Reserve - 15 years

What other odd couples have you seen?

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  1. I can't believe people are making a fuss about Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong and it's only like a 3 year age difference, when there have been bigger age gaps!

    From this year, the worst couple from those you listed has got to be Wayne and Sire and the best is Pal and Grace. For Pal and Grace, I barely thought about the big age gap because they had a good chemistry, while Wayne and Sire were just horrible together.

    1. Totally agree with you too! Their chemistry in Triumph In The Skies II was amazing!