Monday, July 08, 2013

1st Anniversary

Today is Casual TVB's 1st Anniversary!!

Here's a little clip that is befitting of this special occasion:

Video credit to mwfloor

In our first year, we have published 146 posts that got 237,000+ pageviews.

We went from a measly 919 views in our first month to averaging 37,000 views in the last two months.

The most popular post was "Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles" Theme Song, which contributed 11,000 views to the total.

Some of my favourite posts from this year:

1. Star Sightings: Reality Check Filming, HK Adventures, TVB Stars @ Toronto, Him Law
2. Wayne Lai and Pierre Ngo - A Love Story
3. Is Raymond Lam Ironman?, Ironman Raymond Lam Returns
4. Screen Time Hoggers
5. Casual TVB Awards

A heartfelt thank you to every single reader out there. It is with your support that keeps me going.

Plans for the next year I want to start a Historical Context Feature, where I write profiles of random historical figures portrayed in past TVB dramas. But it is all dependant on how much time I can find.

Anyhow, I look forward to another good year!


  1. Congrats Miriamfanz!
    Happy 1st anniversary to Casual TVB!
    I wish that this blog will be even more successful and it will have many more years to come!
    P.s. Love your post!

  2. Im very glad you made this blog. I love it always go on here daily. Iove you and happy anni! !!♥

    1. Thank you Lani! That's very nice to hear :)