Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sergeant Tabloid - Preview of Cases

*Possible Spoilers*

Case #1 - Drug Lord Boyfriend
Niki Chow finally finds a boyfriend (Vincent Wong) who doesn't mind that she is a cop. Not only that, he even shows up at the police station to propose to her. Niki is very touched and immediately agrees. However, while chasing down a suspect, Niki discovers that Vincent is actually a drug lord. As a defender of justice, Niki has no choice but to personally arrest him. This battle leaves an irremovable mark in Niki's heart.

Case #2 - Drug Addict Attack
As a uniformed patrol cop, Oceane Zhu receives a call to handle a case of an unconscious senior. When she arrives at the scene, she is unexpectedly attacked by a drug addict (Oscar Leung), who holds her and Benz Hui hostage with a knife.

Case #3 - Undercover Mission
Niki and the female cops are called upon to go undercover to bust a male prostitution ring. Coincidentally, Michael Tse and his assistant are also there posing as male prostitutes to collect material for their news story. Can the girls successfully complete their mission?

Case #4 - Apartment Sweeps
The Emergency Unit routinely conducts floor-by-floor apartment sweeps. Besides frequently encountering prostitutes, they may possibly come across drug addicts and dangerous criminals. How can the female cops cope with these challenges?

Case #5 - Voyeur Suicide Case
A voyeur who secretly photographed female cops commits suicide in front of Michael after having his identity published in the tabloids. This incident causes Michael to reflect on his actions and fall into a state of confusion. Can he be awakened from this experience?

Case #6 - Anti-Mainland Pregnant Mothers Protest
A group of anti-Mainland pregnant mothers protesters take to the streets to fight for the rights of local mothers. Mandy Wong leads the specially-formed female squadron to maintain order and control the crowds. They are met with unprecedented attacks.

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