Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Featured Series at FILMART - Day 2

View dramas from Day 1
(including Rosy Business 3, Brother's Keeper and Will Power)

Beauty At War
Cast: Moses Chan, Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Christine Ng, Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan

Ruse of Engagement
Cast: Ruco Chan, Ron Ng, Aimee Chan, Yoyo Mung

Bullet Brain - [Overview]
Cast: Wayne Lai, Natalie Tong, Pierre Ngo, Edwin Siu, Sire Ma

Awfully Lawful
Cast: Roger Kwok, Pal Sinn, Raymond Cho, Johnson Lee, Sharon Chan, Grace Wong

A Great Way to Care 2 - [Overview]
Cast: Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu, Aimee Chan, Ram Chiang

The Hippocratic Crush 2
Cast: Lawrence Ng, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Eliza Sam

Always and Ever
Cast: Bobby Au-Yeung, Esther Kwan, Pierre Ngo, Ben Wong, Rebecca Zhu, Christine Kuo

Triumph in the Skies 2
Cast: Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Him Law, Nancy Wu

All clips from HKChannel and kuangaiTVB. Pictures from respective Weibo accounts.

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