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2017 Dramas
Rogue Emperor [Overview]
No Reserve - [Overview]
Recipes to Live By [Overview]
May Fortune Smile On You - [Overview]
Burning Hands - [Overview]
Tiger Mom Blues - [Overview]
Destination Nowhere - [Overview]
Married But Available - [Overview]
Provocateur - [Overview
My Dearly Sinful Mind - [Overview]
The No No Girl - [Overview]
My Unfair Lady - [Overview]
Phoenix Rising - [Overview]
Bet Hur - [Overview]
Legal Mavericks [Overview]
A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch [Overview]
The Unholy Alliance - [Overview]
The Tofu War - [Overview]
Line Walker: The Prelude - [Overview]
Oh My Grad - [Overview]
The Exorcist's Meter - [Overview]
Nothing Special Force - [Overview]
My Ages Apart - [Overview]
Heart of Greed 3 - [Overview]

Currently Airing:

                                      Image result for Infernal Affairs tv
                 The Forgotten Valley - [Overview]                       Infernal Affairs - [Overview]

                Come With Me - [Overview]                     

Next in line:

Watch Out Boss - February 12
Cast: Ben Wong, Flora Chan, Tony Hung, Ali Lee

Threesome - February 18 
Cast: Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Jason Chan

Apple-colda - March 5
Cast: Alice Chan, Eliza Sam, Raymond Wong

Birth of a Hero - March 5
Cast: Edwin Siu, Ben Wong, Grace Chan


Ne Zha and Yang Jian (Mainland collaboration)
Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Linda Chung

Commissioned Lovers 
Cast: Matt Yeung, Samantha Ko, Gigi Wong, Kenny Wong

Succession War 
Cast: Ruco Chan, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, Joel Chan

Deep in the Realm of Conscience 
Cast: Steven Ma, Anna Liu, Nancy Wu, Chrissie Chau, Kenneth Ma, Edwin Siu, Alice Chan

The Learning Curve of a Warlord
Cast: Dicky Cheung, Sisley Choi, Tony Hung, Raymond Cho

Dong Yen's Time
Cast: Benjamin Yuen, Natalie Tong, Rebecca Zhu, Hubert Wu

Flying Tigers
Cast: Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Eddie Cheung, Mandy Wong, Grace Chan

Cast: Shaun Tam, Rebecca Zhu, Kelvin Kwan, Kelly Fu

Life on the Line
Cast: Joe Ma, Matthew Ho, Moon Lau, Jeannie Chan

Daddy Cool
Cast: Wayne Lai, John Chiang, Carlos Chan, Patrica Ha

Fraudster in Hollywood
Cast: Paul Chun, Kent Cheng, Kent Tong, Selena Li

Another Era
Cast: Roger Kwok, Niki Chow, Frankie Lam, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung

OMG, Your Honour
Cast: Ben Wong, Eddie Kwan, Grace Wong, Louisa Mak

Kennedy Loves Kennedy
Cast: Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Jason Chan, Moon Lau, Jacqueline Wong


Fist Fight - Vincent Wong, Phillip Ng, Matt Yeung, Rebecca Zhu

Justice Bao: The First Year - Shaun Tam, Owen Cheung, Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu, Raymond Cho

BB is Coming - Ali Lee, Chris Lai, Griselda Yeung, Tsui Wing

Good Days - Ben Wong, Alice Chan, Stephanie Che, Max Cheung

Twelve Legends - Edwin Siu, Jonathan Cheung, Rosina Lam, Moon Lau


Big Coalition of Maids - Jacqueline Wong, Lisa Ch'ng, Roxanne Tong

Iron Detective - Benjamin Yuen, Sisley Choi

Ten Brothers - Stephen Wong, Brian Tse, Kelly Cheung

White Strongman - Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Ali Lee, Oscar Leung

(modern comedy) - Kent Cheng, Kingdom Yuen, Eddie Cheung

Forensic Heroes 4 - producer Miu Siu Ching

Last updated January 21, 2018


  1. Do u know what the anniversary series are for 2014? :)

    1. Come On Cousin will be one of them. The other one not sure yet

  2. Come on Cousin and Overachievers.

    1. how do you know Overachievers is? do you have source?

    2. Edwin Siu confirmed Overachievers will be an anniversary series in an interview when he was in Toronto. You can watch the video here: http://casualtvb.blogspot.ca/2014/09/tvb-stars-toronto-2014.html

  3. I can't wait to watch Master Of Destiny and Limelight years. I love Liza Wang's acting. I am going to watch everysingle TV series but I read Brick Slave's storyline and its kind of cheesy to me but I'll watch it because of Selena Li and Kiki Sheung

  4. From 27 April 2015 all 2 dramas (8.30pm & 9.30pm) will air every day (Sunday to Saturday) The first drama will air every day is The Empress of China & the other drama do not know yet.

    1. The 8:30 series will remain on the Mon-Fri schedule, while the 9:30 series will air 7 days a week. Limelight Years has been confirmed to air in the 8:30 slot starting April 27.

  5. Is there a source that announces TVB series next in line? Particular interested in source saying COD is next in line and not anniversary series? So what's anniversary series now?

    1. It was announced by kuangaiTVB and confirmed by Producer Leung Choi Yuen on weibo. Lord of Shanghai has been confirmed as an anniversary series, waiting on the other one.

  6. Lord of shanghai, captain of destiny, with or without you and under the veil are the 4 anniversary series of 2015

  7. Many actor and actress tvb leaving

  8. I have just started to watch short end of the stick but dissappointed that it is not the confidant sequel. I wonder if TVB will shoot the confidant 2?

    1. Doubt it. I think Marco Law (the producer) mentioned this will be the last series with this ensemble, at least for the time being.