Sunday, February 11, 2018

Overview - Watch Out Boss

The workplace is like a battle field. There is no eternal friend or enemy in the office, only people who mutually benefit from each other! Flora Chan, the senior secretary in the marketing department, has always enjoyed the favour of her boss - marketing director Waise Lee, and is known as the "Secretary Queen" in the company.  She is constantly fighting against the rivaling camp, which is led by sales director Tony Hung. Tony's secretary Ali Lee goes to work every day in "battle mode", using her beauty to cover up her mistakes. Flora sees this as nothing and easily wins with her intelligence. When the company decides to launch a new brand, it becomes the battleground for both sides. But surprisingly, upper management hires an outsider, Ben Wong, to be the marketing director of the new brand, to the great shock of Flora. Additionally, she is busy with helping the heir, Steven Cheung. The power dynamics in the company undergo a big shift. When Ben and Flora's former relationship as a married couple is eventually revealed, it drastically increases the intensity of political climate in the office. Even the boss and secretary relationship, which shares in times of honour and disgrace, takes on a new style every day.

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