Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Overview - The Forgotten Valley

Raymond Wong and Grace Chan are a couple that has been influenced by Western thinking. They want to change their closed, backwards-thinking hometown, but things don't go their way. Aside from the totalitarian rule and obstruction from the village leader (Lau Kong), they are embroiled into a series of mysteries, including a ghost bride killer, kidnapping and murder cases. A group of oppressed women, including Lau Kong's second wife (Louisa So), third wife (Rebecca Zhu), and maid (Katy Kung), can no long tolerate the unequal treatment of men and women. They secretly form a coalition to protect other women. But when a group of men led by housekeeper Louis Yuen let in bandits for their own gain, it not only exposes the women's coalition, but also puts Raymond and Grace's relationship to the test. The fight between men and women intensify...

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