Saturday, November 10, 2018

TVB Sales Presentation 2019

Wonder Women

Big White Duel

The Defected


Eighteen Years Later: Ultimate Confession

The Solvers

Airport Security Unit

Agent C9

Neighbourhood Fortune Man

Finding Her Voice

Golden Building

Justice Bao: The First Year


  1. Hi miriamfanz! Thanks for posting this up so quickly, though I will be honest in saying that I miss the commentary you used to include with these posts (I personally enjoyed reading the commentary more than watching the trailers, lol). Just curious if there were any from the list that you're looking forward to or plan on watching? The only one I'm interested in is The Defected, but that's mostly because I like both Kara Hui and Philip Keung -- though I'm kind of still on the fence, as I don't know if I have the patience to sit through a TVB / Shaw Brothers series anymore, even if it has artists I like, plus if I want to see Kara and Philip collaboration, I can watch their new movie "Tracey" instead, which I'm sure will be a much greater production (I already plan on doing so once the movie is released to wider audience). Maybe I'm allergic to TVB nowadays, lol...or perhaps they have let me down one too many times and I've officially given up on any case, I just can't seem to bring myself to sit through any of their series in its entirety anymore....

  2. Wonder Women doesn't look very good, but Mariam looks quite good and Raymond is okay in comedy.
    The Defected looks good just because of Kara Hui.
    Airport Security Unit & The Solvers looks dumb (but I said that about Legal Mavericks and it turned out better that I expected).
    Golden Building has the best trailer.
    I'm disappointed that Killer looks like a bit comedic.
    All the other trailers look cringy af.