Sunday, November 25, 2018

Overview - Wife Interrupted

This is a story about an ordinary person who will go through fire and water to save his beloved wife. Computer engineer Hubert Wu and his wife Moon Lau have an ordinary, blissful life. One morning, Hubert and Moon are suddenly kidnapped by the triads. They claim that Hubert embezzled $100 million from them and demands that he return the money within 72 hours, or else they will kill Moon! While reporting the incident to the police, the perplexed Hubert encounters his old friends, passionate detective Alvin Ng and his high-school crush Ashley Chu. Ashley accompanies Hubert on his journey to save his wife. After investigating, they find out that this is related to a youth hostel that Hubert once stayed at. The online trading platform that he had operated with his friends at the hostel has turned into a money-laundering platform. To find the person behind the scheme, the pair investigate each of the former guests who stayed at the hostel. The process brings up events from the past and they hone in on Telford Wong as their target. The deadline to save his wife is approaching. As Hubert gets closer to the truth, he discovers that Ashley, Alvin, Telford and even Moon has a side that no one knows about...

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