Saturday, November 10, 2018

Overview - Fist Fight

Matt Yeung, a bodyguard from the UK, arrives in Hong Kong on an assignment to protect Internet celebrity Vincent Wong. Matt takes the opportunity to look for clues about his past. Vincent, who is arrogant and brash, organizes a boxing tournament as a cover for hackers to come to Hong Kong. Throughout the process, he gets into many troublesome situations, but luckily, Matt is able to resolve them. The incident attracts the attention of hot-headed police officer, Philip Ng, who is determined to investigate. It turns out that Philip once impulsively made a mistake that he cannot speak about, which led to him becoming more radical. The boxing match evokes the naturally competitive nature of the three men. They eventually discover that they share a telepathic connection, allowing them to rescue each other. The secret behind their bond is connected to the financial crisis twenty years ago...

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