Friday, August 01, 2014

New Faces of TVB

Keep an eye out for these young lads. They may be the future siu-sangs of TVB.

Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘)

Undeniably the biggest breakout star of last year. Not exactly a "new" face as Fred has been acting in minor roles for ten years. He finally got his big break from The Voice of Stars. With his amazing singing talents, he was a sensation from the very first episode, all to the way to the end where he captured 68% of the audience vote to be named the winner.

Look for him in: Inbound Troubles 2, Officer Geomancer, Overachievers

Hugo Wong (黃子恆)

Another "new" face with many years of experience. Hugo graduated from TVB's acting class in the same year as Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng. He took part in the original Triumph in the Skies along with those two. But it was not until the sequel that he gained recognition with his role as "Nick", the caring boyfriend of Coco (Nancy Wu).

Look for him in: Madam Cutie on Duty, Battle Again Tomorrow, Limelight Years, Quid Pro Quo

Jonathan Cheung (張穎康)

Jonathan’s talent was recognized by Andy Lau years ago, who recommended him into TVB. Jonathan first became noticed after his stand-out performance as the naïve “Fan Gun” in Three Kingdoms RPG. He garnered further recognition when he starred in back-to-back dramas earlier this year.

Look for him in: Walk With You, Sky Eye

Tony Hung (洪永城)

Tony already generated a lot of noise with his first TVB show, Pilgrimage of Hope, in which he travelled through war-torn countries in the Middle East. He continued to host the Pilgrimage series, partnering with Priscilla Wong to bring the audience to Asia, Europe and South America. The well-liked pairing was named as Best Host at last year’s anniversary awards.

Look for him in: Rear Mirror, Walk With You, Sky Eye, Cheung Po Tsai

Owen Cheung (張振朗)

Known for his resemblance to Bosco Wong, Owen is looking to establish his own name. He first caught the attention of the audience for portraying the unfilial son of Louise Lee in Reality Check. He has shown his other talents in variety shows, such as his singing in The Voice of Stars and imitation skills in Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk.

Look for him in: Shades of Life, Line Walker, All That is Bitter is Sweet, Walk With You, Opera Rouge

Glen Lee (李霖恩)

Despite being the son of a former high-ranking government official, Glen still spent his share of time tolling in minor roles. He has only recently become more recognized due to having regular roles in the sitcoms Be Home For Dinner and Come Home Love.

Look for him in: Come Home Love

Stanley Cheung (張景淳)

Stanley won a contract with TVB in a talent competition called "TVbeople". He shot to fame with his role as “Ka Ming”, who was cannibalized by his friends in When Heaven Burns.

Look for him in: Shades of Life, Rear Mirror, Madam Cutie on Duty, Limelight Years

Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓)

Nathan is a graduate of TVB’s acting classes. His most well-known role to date is as “Yat Hong”, the handicapped younger brother of Kenneth Ma in The Hippocratic Crush.

Look for him in: Lady Sour, Battle Again Tomorrow

Jonathan Wong (王梓軒)

Besides working on his music career, Jonathan has been busily filming for TVB. His first drama appearance was in Queen Divas, where he played the antagonist trying to take over the family business.

Look for him in: Tiger Cubs II, Battle Again Tomorrow, Limelight Years

Matthew Ho (何廣沛)

Matthew received a big opportunity fresh out of TVB’s acting class. He was selected to play the young version of Lawrence Ng in Never Dance Alone and attracted many female fans with his princely image.

Look for him in: No Reserve, Line Walker, The Misadventure of Zoo, Quid Pro Quo

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  1. was definitely not expecting you to put Fred as a "new" face! hahaha he probably is one of the more experienced actors from your list hahaha, but definitely excited for him to take on heavier roles! he has a guest role in Inbound Troubles 2 if you want to add that in. :)

    I am personally rooting for Hugo and Nathan, think they have good potential and did really well in Triumph and On Call. Glen is not bad a bad actor either, but honestly lacking a little in the looks department haha. and Matthew seems to be the well liked among the younger audience, but will need to see him act more first.

    1. Added Inbound Troubles for Fred... I started the list a long time ago, when he was just getting popular, but never got around to finishing it until now so I still have him on the list.

      I like Hugo and Nathan too! Best looking ones of the bunch. I think they can make it to be a first-line actor one day. Glen seems good to be a solid supporting actor, maybe like a Raymond Cho-type.

  2. May I know the picture of owen is which drama?

  3. I am a bit surprised that you didn't add Hugo Wong's role in the Ultimate Addiction..

  4. jonathan wong & matthew ho looks like twins in those 2 pics

  5. I think TVB should give more leading roles to Fred because he's not only a talented signer; he can also act.