Friday, July 18, 2014

The Ultimate Addiction Review

Producer: Chong Wai-kin
Genre: Modern, finance
Cast: Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong

At first glance, the financial sector is relatively new territory for a TVB drama and has potential for brilliant manoeuvers by power-hungry and greedy businesspeople. The purported lesbian relationship also looked to be a bold move for TVB. But the series tells us “Never forget who you are”, and TVB shows why they won’t be forgotten for their sloppy productions any time soon.

Give TVB 20, 25, or 30 episodes and the result will be the same: slow development in the beginning and then a whirlwind of events towards the end. Kate’s revenge plot is dragged out for at least two-thirds of the series, only to amount to essentially nothing. There’s not much going on in terms of “investigating” Bosco's misdeeds. Heck, I’m not even convinced he’s that bad. He is blamed more often for things he didn't do.

The story veers away from the financial theme too often, although the scriptwriters do deserve credit for incorporating some hot financial topics, such as virtual currency and corporate governance structures. Yet there wasn’t the same kind of variety when it came to the types of accidents that happen to the characters.

The costume department needs some serious revamping. Bosco’s wardrobe can only be described as hideous. Sharon Chan’s makeover was ugly. Jazz Lam’s black nail polish was a distraction every time it showed. The casting department had their share of problems as well. June Chan as Stephen Wong’s wife? Geoffrey Wong as Kate Tsui’s father? Clearly, no one paid attention to the age of the characters when assembling the cast.

The acting was not the saving grace of the series either. Kate Tsui looked weak and dazed throughout the series and it’s not just because she was diagnosed with that disorder. Sharon Chan doesn't pass for a high-ranking madam and she was way too deliberate as a villainess. Her pairing with Ben Wong was awkward and produced no feelings of romance. Nancy Wu fared better than those two, though this is far from her best work. She seemed to be at a distance from her co-stars. Bosco Wong does a pretty good job, especially with the smugness he showed that is appropriate for the self-confident tycoon. Ben Wong’s unpolished cop character at the beginning was a refreshing role for him, though he was inconsistent with keeping up that image. Elena Kong is a great actress, but didn't get a chance to shine here. No one challenges Gloria Tang for the worst acting in this series. It was almost unbearable to watch her recite her lines emotionlessly.

Rating: 2/5. The Ultimate Flop.

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  1. I was actually hoping more for this drama. It is a disappointment.