Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friendly Fire - Preview of Cases

Case #1 - Romantic murder case
Penny Chan is charged with the murder of his girlfriend JJ Jia's husband. Michael Tse and Tavia Yeung face each other in court. Sammy Leung uses his sex appeal to investigate the suspect's background.

Case #2 - Mainland pregnant woman
Benz Hui rented his apartment to Mandy Wong, a pregnant woman from Mainland China. She gets into an argument with her agent and falls unconscious after rolling down the stairs. Benz is framed for this, while Mandy's husband tries to hide the truth.

Case #3 - Murder of police officer
Narcotics Bureau officer Patrick Tang has been investigating drug lord Sammy Shum for a long time, but has yet to find enough evidence. Patrick accuses Sammy Shum of killing a CID officer, but Michael discovers that Patrick may have framed the suspect, giving him the opportunity to walk free.

Case #4 - Wealthy heir rape case
Tavia's apprentice, Samantha Ko, is raped by wealthy heir Ronan Pak. Fellow prosecutor trainees Oscar Leung, Joey Law, Bella Lam and Jame Ng all stand up for her. They are challenged by Michael's main rival, Derek Kwok, who has been hired by Alice Chan (Ronan's sister) to do everything he can to get an acquittal.

Case #5 - Public corporation fraud
Vincent Wong, Sammy Leung's half-brother, is used by Alice Chan to be responsible for a shell corporation. The company's stocks are suddenly suspended from trading, causing investors, including Sharon Chan's family, to lose all their money. Benz Hui discovers the truth, leading Alice to exact revenge on him.

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