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2013 Forecast

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The creatively-challenged TVB has resorted to producing sequels or spin-offs of well-received dramas. Not only does it require less novelty, sequels almost always have tons of hype and grab high ratings. While some fans are excited for a continuation of their favourite series, others may be less eager to see a reboot with different characters and inconsistent scripting. Can the sequels prove to be as successful as the original production?

Upcoming Sequels: Beauty at War, Triumph in the Skies II, A Great Way to Care II, The Hippocratic Crush II, Rosy Business 3

The “Cantonese-Challenged” Trio

Like it or not, Aimee Chan, Eliza Sam and Christine Kuo will continue to be heavily promoted by TVB. There will likely be at least one of them in every upcoming series. Aimee currently has the most dramas lined up among all of TVB’s fadans and even has the chance to co-lead in some of them. Meanwhile, Christine and Eliza will appear in some of those anticipated sequels. There is no shortage of opportunities for the trio, but can they win the hearts of the audience?

Upcoming Dramas:
Aimee – Ruse of Engagement, Love Exceeds the Coastline, A Great Way to Care II, Unrequited Love in Twin Cities, Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon

Eliza – Triumph in the Skies II, The Hippocratic Crush II, Sniper Attack 2013

Christine – Beauty at War, A Great Way to Care II, Three Lifetimes of Fate

The “Chan-Chan” Pairing

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It’s Moses and Aimee Chan off-screen, but on-screen, it will be Ruco and Aimee Chan. They share three series together in 2013, playing a couple in two of them. Their relationship will be put to the test in Ruse of Engagement and Unrequited Love in Twin Cities. Can their on-screen love story be as sweet as the real-life “Double Chan” relationship?

Upcoming Dramas: Ruse of Engagement, Love Exceeds the Coastline, Unrequited Love in Twin Cities


Ruco Chan

Ruco became popular with his role in The Other Truth, but had a quiet year in 2012. He will be looking to make more noise in 2013, where he stars in five dramas. Among them, his roles in Ruse of Engagement and Big Wheel seem to be the most promising. In both, he is a semi-good, semi-villainous police officer, a type that tends to attract lots of fanfare.

Upcoming Dramas: Heart Road GPS, Ruse of Engagement, Love Exceeds the Coastline, Big Wheel, Unrequited Love in Twin Cities

Edwin Siu

Edwin is coming off a great year that saw him nominated for the Most Improved and Best Supporting Actor awards. He will continue to feature in several big productions, such as in Detective Columbo and Rosy Business 3, both alongside TV King Wayne Lai . He gets his chance to co-lead a series (with Ruco) in Big Wheel. He may very well be a strong contender again for next year's Most Improved award.

Upcoming Dramas: Detective Columbo, A Great Way to Care II, Big Wheel, Rosy Business 3

Natalie Tong

Natalie already had plenty of screen time in 2012, but this year will see her finally attain lead actress status in Detective Columbo, where she will act out two roles. She is also part of the highly anticipated Rosy Business 3, where she is the second female lead after Myolie Wu. She must enjoy working with Wayne Lai since Rosy Business 3 will be her fourth consecutive series with him.

Upcoming Dramas: Detective Columbo, Rosy Business 3

Tavia Yeung

Hard to imagine why the reigning TV Queen will have a “breakthrough”, but Tavia’s role as a schizophrenic in A Great Way to Care II sounds exactly like the type of role that will win over her naysayers.

Upcoming Dramas: A Great Way to Care II, The Hippocratic Crush II

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  1. I'm actually excited for all the sequels but not looking forward to the cantonese-challenged trio and the Chan-Chan pairing.