Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Predictions for 2012 TVB Awards

I'm waiting for TVB to say "Haha, that was just a prank" and pull out the real nomination list. But until then, here are my predictions for the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards. Feel free to pass this along as a “leaked” winners list.

Best Actor: Raymond Lam. Obviously. That's why TVB set-up this whole fan-voting thing.
Top 5: Wayne Lai, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Damien Lau, Moses Chan
Winner: Wayne Lai

Best Actress: Tavia Yeung. TVB fulfills their promise to her from 2009, when she lost to Sheren Tang.
Top 5: Michelle Yim, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung
Winner: Tavia Yeung

My Favourite Male Character: Raymond Lam. If Law Ba got both awards last year, Happy Sir needs both awards this year.
Top 5: Raymond Lam (HAL), Bosco Wong (WI), Kevin Cheng (GJ2), Wayne Lai (TC), Kenneth Ma (THC)
Winner: Kenneth Ma

My Favourite Female Character: Kate Tsui. Consolation prize for Best Actress.
Top 5: Kate Tsui (HAL), Tavia Yeung (THC/SSSS), Myolie Wu (GJ2), Michelle Yim (TC), Charmaine Sheh (WAB)
Winner: Kate Tsui

Best Supporting Actor: Koo Ming Wah. TVB has went with the fan favourite the last few times.
Top 5: Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Koo Ming Wah, Oscar Leung, Him Law
Winner: Koo Ming Wah

Best Supporting Actress: Why do I have a feeling Aimee will win this?
Top 5: Mandy Wong, Aimee Chan, Nancy Wu, Elena Kong, Helena Law
Winner: Nancy Wu

Most Improved Actor: Oscar Leung or Him Law. In the end, it will be Him Law because his six-pack has more marketing value than Oscar.
Winner: Oscar Leung

Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong is a shoo-in.
Winner: Mandy Wong


Best Series: My favourite of the year - The Confidant.
Top 5: The Confidant, Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles, The Hippocratic Crush, Highs and Lows, Tiger Cubs
Winner: When Heaven Burns

Success Rate: 4/9 (44%)


  1. Best Actress is so hard to guess. My pick would be for Tavia, and I would normally think that it's a sure thing but now I'm not so sure since it depends on the public votes. Myolie's fans would be passive since she already won last year, Linda's fans might try to get her a win since she was snubbed for Favorite Character, Tavia seems to have a rabid fan base, but Kate still seems to have the buzz.

  2. YES YES YES! LF will be tvb king n fav male char! he deserves it for doing good job as handsome happy sir <3 <3 <3

  3. Thank you for your prediction. Hope it will become true. Actually, I think Kenneth will be favourite actor. LF gets the TV King award and Kenneth gets the favourite actor, it will be fairer :)

  4. im' not sure who to choose between tavia and kate...but this is completely irrelevant to who's most deserving, but i've always wanted raymond and tavia to win tv king and queen together hahah, they won most improved the same year and came form the same acting class, i feel like it's only right that they win together hahah and it would be super cute too heheh