Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Overview - Missing You

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This is a story about an organization that specializes in helping to reunite families after war, disaster or forced migration. A team consisting of a paranoid Linda Chung, optimistic Jason Chan, keen Cilla Kung and computer whiz Calvin Hung work under the leadership of cool-headed Ram Chiang. As they embark on journey after journey to search for missing persons, they also find the opportunity for self-reflection.

The two rookies, Linda and Jason, cooperate seamlessly. Even though they often hit dead ends, they understand that they cannot easily give up, for they should not offer false hope to the people seeking their help. As they work together, Linda gradually develops feelings for Jason, but unfortunately he already has a girlfriend (Lin Xia Wei). Thus, the only thing she can wish for is to bring greater happiness and blessings to others…

Comment: Sounds like a very heart-warming and emotional series... can you bore me to death any faster? Featuring a cast of young actors, which seems unappealing. A definite skip for me.

Is it just me or does Lin Xia Wei look like Sire Ma?

Jason's favourite gesture...
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Raymond Wong and Elaine Yiu will be guest stars.

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  1. I'm not that excited about this series either, mainly because I think Jason Chan is not that great of an actor. I would probably be more excited if there was a better male lead.

    1. I agree, I do not think Jason is very convinving in his roles, TVB is promoting him way too fast.

  2. I disagree. Missing You is a really good series. It has a lot of meaning and in most scenes the actors and actresses lines are pretty funny. You should give Missing You a try. :)

  3. Anyone know Sam's real name? :) I think the series has been enjoyable!