Sunday, November 11, 2012

Denise Ho Songs

Denise Ho has finally "come out of the closet" and publicly declared that she is a lesbian.
(English article) (Chinese article)

I really admire and respect Denise's courage for doing something like this. As an artist, there could be many repercussions, but she did what she felt was right. I believe that there is nothing wrong about homosexuality and that in the 21st century, society needs to be more open-minded.

I firmly believe in this:                Love, in any form, is still love. 

Denise is an inspiration for people to stand up for their own rights, whether that be gay rights or something else. In a free society, people should not be afraid to express their own opinion. I really love many of her songs because they convey the message "Don't be afraid to do what you think is right". When I listen to her songs, I feel so much passion and strength.

Some of my favourite Denise songs:

Rolls-Royce (勞斯.萊斯) - This version is beautifully weaved with her speech where she made the announcement

Infatuated (癡情司)

How Steel is Made (鋼鐵是怎樣煉成的)

Blatant (明目張膽)

Butterfly (化蝶)

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  1. i withhold my opinion on being gay/lez but no doubt she has a beautiful voice