Thursday, January 02, 2020

Overview - Of Greed and Ants

In the 1970s, Hong Kong's economy is booming and the stock market serves as a battleground for greed. Thai-Chinese Eddie Cheung's perspective on life changed completely because of his father's misfortunes. He escapes from Thailand to Hong Kong. Learning of the stock market's power, he is determined to be the one that controls it. The upright Edwin Siu, who comes from a grassroots background, and his friends Tony Hung and Anthony Ho are young people with dreams. Unfortunately, they get bruised and battered by the storm in the stock market... Edwin lives with a mother and two daughters. The sisters, Elaine Yiu and Jeannie Chan, have polar opposite personalities, and are waiting a chance to change their lives. Eddie connects with the wealthy Ben Wong and gradually achieves his life's goals. At the same time, Tony and his friends get pulled in and their fates are rewritten.

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