Friday, January 17, 2020

Joey Law Broke Up With Auston Lam's Sister-in-Law?

If anyone has been watching the YouTube channel 威武WHEREWOLF, they may have picked up on the fact that TVB actor Joey Law was dating the sister-in-law of Auston Lam. But it appears their romance was short-lived.

Wherewolf is a channel started by a group of TVB actors, including Auston, Joey, Tammy Ou-Yeung, Brian Chu and Kelvin Lee. They produced ten episodes where they played the game "Werewolf." They even recruited guest stars, like JW, to appear on the channel.

One of the players on the channel was Bu. She is Tammy's younger sister and Auston's sister-in-law. (Auston and Tammy married in 2018.) Bu is often teased on the show because she tends to make critical mistakes that leads to her team losing.

In episode six, the group organized a surprise for Joey's birthday. While Joey had his eyes closed for the game, the rest of the group quickly changed their clothes and put on make-up. When Joey opened his eyes, he was shocked to see everyone wearing T-shirts with handwritten messages for him. They went around the circle for everyone to show off their T-shirts and say their message. When it came to Bu's turn, Auston said "Don't interrupt Bu. Cue some romantic music and let's turn it over to Bu."

Bu blushed and said "Don't be like that." She looked down at her shirt and said "I wrote it already." Someone called out "Say it!" She shyly said "I love Joey." The group cheered as Joey looked on sweetly. 

When it came to Tammy's turn, she said "Mine is related to Bu's. It is 'I love Joey. Let go of Bu.'" She pleaded with Joey, "Please don't use your charm on Bu anymore."

There were other hints of a romance between Joey and Bu. Earlier in the episode, when Bu spoke after being voted off, she urged the witch in the game to poison Joey. Someone shouted "So that he can keep you company outside?" Two hearts popped up on the screen. 

In another episode, Bu was eliminated after incorrectly guessing that her sister was a wolf. Plato Lai (former TVB Entertainment News channel host) asked "Did you do that purposely so Joey can carry you away?" Other people joined in the teasing. Auston asked "Before, when Brian Chu was carried away by Joey Law, Bu, were you angry or upset?" Mark Ma (TVB actor) said "You just wanted take that spot," pointing to the spot next to Joey. Indeed, Bu was in the spot next to Joey and both smiled as they were teased.

Bu's Instagram page (@bubuubu) shows that she is a make-up artist who has worked with Auston, Tammy, Daniel Chau, Adrian Chau, Rainky Wai, and of course, Joey. 

Bu's Instagram has other pictures of her and Joey hanging out (click to see). 

After a special episode on Halloween, Wherewolf stopped posting videos. Around Christmas, a new channel called 陋室 New Set was created, featuring Auston, Tammy, Bu and a few other players from Wherewolf. Yesterday, Wherewolf posted a video announcing that they will be returning with a new team in February. Curiously, Joey had remained with Wherewolf while Bu stuck with Auston and Tammy. 

Even more interestingly, Bu deleted an Instagram post she had made on Joey's birthday. It was a group photo from Joey's birthday party. In the comments, someone had wrote in Chinese "Must be blissful!" She also deleted the post that promoted the Wherewolf episode for Joey's birthday. (I don't have screenshots, so you will just have to trust me.)

Coincidentally, in December, rumours started that Joey was dating TVB actress Joey Thye, after the pair were caught having dinner and walking on the beach together. The Joeys denied the rumours and said that they were just friends who play basketball together. 

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