Sunday, December 06, 2015

Overview - The Executioner

Kenny Wong is an executioner who has executed many people. To ensure that his saviour's daughter-in-law (Elaine Yiu) can safely give birth, he arranges for her to live at the home of Maggie Siu, a renowned mid-wife. As a result, he encounters a strange murder case and even uses his executioner's blade to save a young life. Because of this mysterious baby boy, Kenny and Maggie is embroiled into the political battle within the imperial palace. However, this pairing of a cool and a warm personality repeatedly resolve many crisis. They fall in love as they make it through adversity together. Meanwhile, Matt Yeung and Katy Kung, a young couple who grew up together in a brothel house, come to Maggie's home. They beg Kenny to accept Matt as an apprentice executioner. It turns out that Matt has an ulterior motive, which is to escape punishment from a crime. Kenny is undecided. A mysterious magician (Joel Chan) appears and causes everyone's relationships to become complicated. The identity of the baby boy is slowly revealed. At the same time, the death knell has started ringing...

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