Saturday, January 17, 2015

Overview - The Virtuous Queen of Han

"She" is a common courtesan, without a flirtatious approach or noble family background, only relying on her wisdom, kind heart and a determination to establish a harmonious harem. Yet "she" was able to accompany the great Emperor Wu of Han for 48 years, gain the trust of concubines and servants alike within the competitive harem and make friends with high-ranking officials who were willing to sacrifice themselves to protect her. "She" is the first Chinese empress to receive her own posthumous title and is also the second longest-serving empress - Wei Zifu.

From a commoner to an empress, Wei Zifu's legend not only changed her own fate, but also made her family's achievements possible. Her brother, Wei Qing, was a brave, unbeatable general, while her nephew, Huo Qubing, led the military at age 18 and earned the honorary title "Marquess of Champion". Their remarkable military accomplishments deterred enemies from attacking and brought peace to the citizens.

Wei Zifu is not like a beautiful peony, but she carries a quiet gracefulness like an orchid, not contending, not showing off, not revealing. She ruled the country with optimism, perseverance and humility, winning the heart of Emperor Wu and the respect of the imperial court and harem. Her virtuous conduct has also won her praise and a good reputation in the eyes of future generations.

The Virtuous Queen of Han will air in Cantonese on Now TV starting January 19.

After watching the first episode in Mandarin and reading the synopsis, this series feels a lot like Beyond the Realm of Conscience with the super-goody two-shoes female lead. Not surprising since Miu Siu Ching is the producer, but I don't think I'm interested anymore because I can't stand all the goodiness.

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  1. where do u think we could watch it online, isnt now TV a pay channel? Like foxtel? :\

    1. I haven't found any sites that are uploading the Cantonese version (plenty have the Mandarin version). I'm not sure if they are a paid channel anymore since they have the free TV license.

    2. hmm so months after i still cant find any online with cantonese :( Only to blame myself for not knowing mandarin hahaha !!