Sunday, November 17, 2013

TVB Inventory Levels 2013

The number of series each artist has on hand.
As at November 17, 2013.

Purple = Ancient
Orange = Pre-modern
Yellow = Modern
Blue = Professional
White = Unconfirmed


  1. oooh! awesome! that is pretty cool! i love how organized this is! :) it bad that the first name i looked for was Fred? HAHAHA i'm just a littttle too obsessed with him these days.......but i'm so glad he has four dramas lining up, even if he has minor roles in them,

    1. I had this last year, but this year I compiled the list myself instead of translating from a Chinese version. I'm sure Fred is going to get bigger and bigger roles now.

  2. Surprises -

    - Wayne Lai and Edwin have the highest number of series as a male main lead followed by Ron Ng. Quite a surprise since I didn't like how Edwin was in the recent series with Ruco Chan and Linda Chung.

    - Linda, a hot favorite, only has two. I guess she's starting to focus on her music career and needs time for that.

    - Nancy Wu is getting more screen time the coming year

    - looking forward to seeing Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh get back on the list.

    1. I'm no fan of Edwin too, but for Wayne, I'm not surprised he has so many. He's been a reliable actor to use since he doesn't go to China to film. Yes, Linda has scaled back on dramas lately, which I'm not complaining. I remember when she was in almost every other drama before. I'd be glad to see more of Nancy. It's great that she'll have a variety of roles too. Charmaine will be returning for Apostle Walker, while Kevin said he will film a series, but unconfirmed as to which one.