Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Overview - Bounty Lady

Golden PR manager Dayo Wong is said to be the saviour of the city’s “leftover” ladies. He often uses creative tactics to help single women find a blissful relationship. Meanwhile he prefers short-term relationships for himself. The new customer relations manager Kate Tsui does not have a good impression of the group collectively known as “Super Senior”, consisting of Dayo, his brother Benz Hui and their colleagues Louis Yuen and Jazz Lam. She is disgusted by their nightclubbing lifestyle and thinks they use their work as an excuse to cozy up to girls, especially when she sees Dayo trying to pursue Sharon Chan by helping her become an online singer. Sharon’s sister Elena Kong also despises of Dayo and frequently criticizes him in her newspaper column. But Dayo could care less and continues living his own lifestyle, until his ex-girlfriend appears to trigger an unprecedented battle between the HK men and women. 
"Bounty Lady" Theme Song


  1. does anyone know the name of the female secretary of the boss in the first episode?

    1. According to Wikipedia, it's Coffee Lam 林芊妤. She was Kenneth Ma's girlfriends in TITS2.