Thursday, November 14, 2013

Overview - Return of the Silver Tongue

Roger Kwok has opened a school to educate others. His student Priscilla Wong is naturally gifted, but struggles in school, frequently mixing up vocabulary words. Roger is a righteous man, but seeing the corruption in society, he understands that education cannot change things. At this time, he meets the sharp-witted Kristal Tin. They quickly become a dynamic force as lawyers in court. The notorious KK Cheung and his son, Jerry Lamb, view the duo as their bitter rivals. Roger’s career change disappoints his good friend Evergreen Mak, whose father had been framed by a lawyer, Lee Sing Cheung, many years ago. Although Evergreen understands Roger’s intentions, he is suspicious of Kristal’s background. As he investigates, a 20-year old case is brought back to court and a cold-blooded lawyer killer suddenly appears. Rumours are flying everywhere and fear is swirling all around the city…

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