Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Overview - Plan “B”

Full-time mom Eliza Sam and husband Kenneth Ma have a two-year old daughter. The family feels pressure as they are living with Eliza’s father (Joseph Lee) and mother (Mimi Kung). Kenneth secretly plans to escape from Mimi’s control, but his parents, Hugo Ng and Kiki Sheung, keep creating trouble causing Kenneth to be in the wrong every time. Eliza and Kenneth have constant conflicts over dividing parental duties. Eliza is also insistent on working outside the home. Meanwhile, old and new rivalriesg between the “four elders” keep arising. Kenneth’s brother (James Ng) and his wife (Mandy Wong), and Eliza's cousin (Yoyo Chen) and her husband (Jonathan Cheung) also face various parenting issues and difficulties. It shows that raising children is an opportunity for parents to also learn and grow themselves.

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