Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Overview - Final Destiny

According to legend, the Buddha's discipline, the Great Peng, travelled to the secular world and caused trouble. The Buddha sent an envoy to pursue him, who began a bitter battle against the Great Peng... Five hundred years later, an injured man (Edwin Siu) lays in the wilderness and is saved by an embroidery worker from a small village (Jessica Kan). Edwin becomes a worker at the embroidery and dye house. In his dreams, he meets an eminent monk and unravels the mystery of his own background. Edwin recalls his name and reunites with his good friend (Sammy Sum). Edwin becomes rivals with female constable Roxanne Tong. As the pair bicker, they secretly develop feelings for each other, but Jessica also expresses her feelings to Edwin. Later, the village falls into a black demon crisis. To save the common people, Edwin decides to let go of love and desire. It turns out there is karma and fate is preordained... 

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