Monday, July 08, 2019

7th Anniversary

Casual TVB turns

Wow, Casual TVB is 7! Thank you to readers who have stuck around, even though I barely post nowadays - only 44 posts this year. To be fair, TVB is not exactly inspiring a lot ideas for posts either. But as TVB trudges on, I will be here as well.

A little while ago, I tossed around the idea of starting a new blog for non-Chinese historical posts. The idea of running two blogs seems daunting, so I haven't committed to it yet. If you have any thoughts about this, let me know! I do have some ideas for more Historical Context posts, but have never found the time to do them yet.

1 comment:

  1. Seven is my favorite number and I've always thought it's a very lucky number. Congrats on blogging for 7 years. It really is a rather long time to have blogged.

    Have a lovely day.