Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Predictions for TVB Anniversary Awards 2016

Every year, it gets harder and harder to make picks for TVB Anniversary Awards because I watch so few TVB dramas now. This year, I can count on one hand the number of dramas I've watched. But it won't stop me from adding my predictions to the blogosphere.

Full nomination list here.

Best Actor

I think this will finally be Ruco Chan's year. His performance in A Fist Within Four Walls was widely praised. Roger Kwok has also entered the conversation with an award-worthy performance in Dead Wrong.

Winner: Ruco Chan

Best Actress

Looks like Nancy Wu is poised to be the second ever actress to win back-to-back Best Actress Awards (Sheren Tang did it in 2009 and 2010). Not to detract from Nancy's strong performance, but she basically wins by default this year.

Winner: Nancy Wu

Favourite Male Character

Vincent Wong
's character from Over Run Over was very well-liked and it seems like TVB is willing to promote him. The other possibility is that Ruco Chan gets this as a consolation prize if he loses out on Best Actor.

Winner: Benjamin Yuen

Favourite Female Character

Again, there's not much choice in the female category, so Nancy Wu will likely pick up this award as well.

Winner: Grace Wong

Best Supporting Actress

Maybe Joyce Tang will finally get recognition for her acting? Katy Kung (Two Steps From Heaven) and Grace Wong (A Fist Within Four Walls) are somehow considered contenders, but I don't think either of them are ready to make the leap to Best Supporting yet.

Winner: Katy Kung

Best Supporting Actor

Raymond Cho's feminine character in Short End of the Stick was well-received and it's about time for him to get this award. Fellow eunuch Power Chan is the next best contender, but he has a tenuous relationship with TVB.

Winner: Raymond Cho

Most Improved Actress

TVB has been pushing Ali Lee really hard, giving her opportunities alongside veterans like Liu Kai-chi and Alex Fong in Law dis-Order and Gallen Lo in Provocateur. This award could go to Tracy Chu or Katy Kung as well.

Winner: Ali Lee

Most Improved Actor

Seems like Jonathan Cheung is the most deserving in the group of otherwise lacklustre nominees. I like Matthew Ho too, but he's still young.

Winner: Jonathan Cheung

Best Series

Of the series I watched, I would support Law dis-Order or Dead Wrong for Best Series, but A Fist Within Four Walls will likely be the biggest winner of the night. Producer Jazz Boon has had great success with his dramas. This would be his second Best Series in three years.

Winner: A Fist Within Four Walls

Favourite Series Partnership

Not sure how TVB came up with this list. Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu from Over Run Over were a popular pairing. Their most serious challenge will be the eunuchs from Short End of the Stick if TVB decides that Wayne Lai cannot walk away empty-handed.

Winner: Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu

Favourite Theme Song

This is the "Jinny Ng Award" but given that she's pregnant and going to be on break, TVB might decide to give it to someone deserving for once. My personal favourite is Ruco Chan's "Who Can Change" (誰可改變) for Brother's Keeper II, but I think Ruco and Nancy Wu's duet "Never Knew You Were the Best" (從未知道你最好), the sub-theme song for A Fist Within Four Walls, will take home the prize.

Winner: "Never Knew You Were the Best" by Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu

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  1. Surely Ruco would have to take out BA this year. He and Nancy are riding the _Fist_ wave. As much as I liked the drama I still think EU is more deserving as Best Series.

    I think Moon should get most improved actress... that's my feeling anyway. TVB results can be surprising.