Monday, December 19, 2016

Overview - No Reserve

Guerrilla leader Wayne Lai meets Myolie Wu during the war. Faced with the Japanese invasion, they both become spies and sneak into Guangzhou. Myolie assumes the identity of a famous Chinese opera singer to gather intelligence and discovers that spies for another organization, as well as exiled remnants of the Qing Dynasty, are hiding in Guangzhou. She also re-encounters her ex-lover, Edwin Siu. Edwin, who is a spy for another organization, hates love rival and rival spy Wayne to the bone. But confronted with a national calamity, they leave their personal grudge behind and work together against the common enemy. People from different backgrounds and standpoints gather in Guangzhou. They are all targeting a Japanese businessman who holds the secret to gold treasure from the Qing Dynasty. When Wayne tries to kidnap the Japanese businessman, he discovers that they look exactly the same...

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