Thursday, November 24, 2016

TVB Calendar 2017



February - Provocateur

March - Destination Nowhere

April - The Unholy Alliance

May - The Unlawful Justice Squad


July - Line Walker: The Prelude

August - Oh My Grad

September - Heart and Greed

October - Deep in the Realm of Conscience

November - My Ages Apart


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1 comment:

  1. Is it just me or does everyone in the calendar look very "plastic"? In some cases, looks like some artists either had too much makeup or the photos went through major touch-up. Basically, the posters look very much photo-shopped, which I guess has been a trend with TVB's calendars the past few years.

    To be honest, none of the featured series look interesting to me and I hate the fact that next year's lineup will be filled with more sequels / spinoffs / sister series / remakes than any other year. For their 50th anniversary, I would expect TVB to do better than rehashing their old series and turning them into unnecessary franchises. Based on TVB's sales presentation and this calendar, I am so far disappointed with what TVB is planning to offer next year. With that said though, part of me is still holding out hope that TVB will actually come up with something "spectacular" next year that is worthy of my continued support (though I can't help but feel that this will pretty much be it due to TVB's limited resources and hugely lacking talent pool in recent years).