Saturday, November 19, 2016

Overview - Dead Wrong

Senior business consultant Roger Kwok cannot let go of the fact that he disappeared for ten years. He decides to go to Vietnam to investigate. He is accompanied by his wife Joey Meng and good friend Kenny Wong, but the local police thwart their investigation. They go through a series of dangerous situations before they can safely return home. Roger discovers that during his absence, Joey married Kenny and he is now the third party in their relationship. He has no choice but to leave his family and focuses on work to numb his pain. Fortunately, he receives support from his former apprentice, Vincent Wong, and makes a comeback in the consulting world. He develops an ambiguous relationship with his boss, Rebecca Zhu. But Roger is still bothered by his disappearance which left him stranded on an island. He decides to re-open his investigation and finally discovers some unexpected clues, leading him down a path for revenge with no turning back...

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