Monday, September 19, 2016

Overview - Law dis-Order


As the founder of the leading Chinese-backed law firm in Hong Kong, Lau Dan has served as the committee chair for many terms. Although he has promised managing partner Liu Kai-chi that he will step down, he invited the profit-oriented Alex Fong to join the firm to counterbalance the power-hungry Liu Kai-chi. Liu Kai-chi has cemented his power at the firm throughout the years. He expects his top associates, Raymond Cho and Mandy Wong, to easily handle Florence Kwok and Matthew Ho from Alex's camp, until a car accident throws off his calculations. Meanwhile, Alex takes advantage and receives a lucrative deal from Lau Dan, officially being promoted to senior partner. Alex re-encounters Ali Lee, who is also a lawyer. Ali has a special status within the firm. From her initial disdain towards Alex to admiration of him, the two of them establish a mentor and friend relationship. This forces Liu Kai-chi, a ticking time bomb, to show his hand to Lau Dan. As each camp struggles for power, a toothless tiger who has been hibernating for many years prepares to get revenge...


  1. Hi miriamfanz! Long time no talk! :-)

    Hey, I was wondering if you will be watching this series? I haven't started watching yet, as I've been super busy with work, but I definitely intend to watch it due to Uncle Chi (love him!). My mom started watching it already and said that the series so far feels like a repackaged version of The Election and Uncle Chi's character KC is essentially Song Man San reincarnated. Also, there is discussion on the internet that this series is essentially the 'season 2' of The Election that never got made. Of course, this is not surprising given that The Election's scriptwriter Benny Wong is also the scriptwriter for this series, plus it also stars Uncle Chi....also, since Benny already had most of the script for The Election season 2 written, makes sense that he would utilize the content rather than waste it.

    Since you're one of the few people I know who actually followed The Election so closely, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this series and its similarity (or lack of similarity?) to The Election. Of course, once I start watching, I will likely have some comments toward this as well, but definitely interested in hearing your thoughts too.

    Talk to you later!

    1. Hi llwy12!

      It's nice to know that you still follow this blog :) I've been watching this series; it's honestly been the only one to excite me in a long time. I do agree with the commentary that Liu Kai-chi essentially walked off the set of The Election and walked onto this one. Acting from Alex Fong is surprisingly great (at least for me, I didn't think he was that good in his last TVB drama, A Great Way to Care II). The script has been good so far, but I would say The Election packed more punch in each episode. (Of course, it's only been 3 episodes, so we'll see if it holds up or not). The Election was unpredictable. Here, there are twists and turns, but ultimately, you would not be shocked with your mouth hanging open. Overall, I would recommend giving it a try, but if you're expecting The Election level of quality, you will be disappointed. This will be likely be the best drama TVB has to offer this year, though I doubt it will get recognition at the awards.

    2. Hey miriamfanz!

      Yes, I definitely intend to watch this one! I've actually been excited for this series ever since the series was announced and I knew Uncle Chi would be in it. This will probably be the only TVB series I watch this year, as I didn't watch any of the 2016 dramas and looking at the list of series that will be airing the rest of the year, I'm not interested in any of them.

      Oh, so Alex Fong's acting is actually good here? I've actually never liked him as an actor, as he bores me to death and for awhile there, I was worried that he would take up all the screen time and I would have to tune out most of the series. Hopefully that won't need to be the case.

      LOL...nor surprised that this won't be up to par with The Election's quality -- after all, this IS TVB, so no doubt the series will still follow TVB's tried and true formula to some extent. Though I'm hoping the drama does well, I'm also of the sentiment as you -- that even if this does become one of TVB's best dramas of the year, it's unlikely to get much (if any) recognition at the anniversary awards. Some things about TVB will never change unfortunately...