Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Overview - The Hiddens

In a certain major city in Asia, the mastermind of a crime organization has escaped from a high-security prison. Former intelligence director Lawrence Ng, who was imprisoned for murder, is taken as hostage in this incident and forced to escape prison with the mastermind.

Jessica Hsuan, who is responsible for apprehending the mastermind, has ordered her officers to shoot and kill all the prisoners who participated in the escape. Lawrence is alarmed to see that everyone has been killed. He is also shot at...

When Lawrence awakens, he finds himself at the security bureau's secret base. He had not been killed. Jessica's real goal was to arrange for Lawrence's disappearance from the world. Several countries in the region are faced with difficult and urgent problems. For reasons that cannot be disclosed, they have decided to establish an organization called "The Hiddens", led by Jessica, to carry out a series of missions.

Lawrence is a shrewd, intelligent, courageous team leader who is good at controlling his subordinates. Before he went to prison, he led special intelligence agents to complete many nearly impossible missions. After accepting the appointment from Jessica, Lawrence's first mission is to recruit six key members for the organization. The six people appear to have different occupations to hide their identity. In reality, they each have their own specialty.

The Hiddens will air on myTV Super starting September 22. 

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