Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Overview - K9 Cop

Hot-tempered cop Bosco Wong has gone through his father's drug addiction and his mother's death and single-handedly raised his three sisters. Due to his macho and impulsive personality, his superior transfers him to the Police Dog Unit, where he undergoes difficult training with his police dog Brother. In the process, a misunderstanding occurs between him and veterinarian Linda Chung, and the two become enemies. However, Linda hopes to use Bosco to repair her relationship with her brother Oscar Leung, so she takes the initiative to help Bosco and Brother overcome challenges. With Brother shuttling in between them, a subtle chemistry develops. With the help of Brother, Bosco is confident that he can catch drug dealer Jerry Koo. Unfortunately, his partner Raymond Wong knowingly breaks the rules by concealing his illness. Not only does it cause strife in their brotherhood, it also puts the life of his girlfriend Tracy Chu, who is Bosco's second younger sister, in danger. Jerry is set on getting revenge and uses his twin brother, a police informant, to set up a trap. How can Bosco, Linda and Brother join forces to solve the case and save people?

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