Monday, February 29, 2016

Overview - Fashion War

The fashion magazine under the leadership of fashion icon Moses Chan is like the imperial palace with its constant infighting. Publisher Hanjin Tan appears to be fawning over editor-in-chief Moses, but is actually hiding a dagger beneath his smile. Hanjin purposely appoints Ali Lee to be the Marketing Director to balance against Moses' power at the magazine. Moses can handle the infighting with ease, but one time, he falters and is caught up in a lawsuit. The incident involves a rejected job applicant (Sisley Choi). Moses uses this opportunity to stir up the news story by hiring Sisley, a tailor from Sham Shui Po, as his assistant. It sets off upheaval at the magazine and causes the lazy fashion editor (Him Law) to change his attitude completely. Meanwhile, with her hard-working and sunny attitude, Sisley is able to break through many barriers and whole-heartedly works for her idol Moses. When the magazine falls dangerously close to shutting down, Sisley and Him join forces to create a miracle and help Moses win back all the applause. At this time, Moses decides to announce his successor and retire from the fashion industry...

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