Tuesday, September 08, 2015

StarHub TVB Awards 2015

The annual StarHub TVB Awards are here! Voting has started and will end on October 23 (You can vote here). This year is a hard year to pick for, and that's not because there are too many good candidates. Nonetheless, here are my picks:

Favourite Actress

Can we give a dual award to Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin just for this scene?

Runner-up: I'm impressed with how natural Grace Chan was in Raising the Bar.
Least favourite: Don't even get me started on Linda Chung in Tiger Cubs II.

Favourite Actor

Ruco Chan did an exceptional job in Eye in the Sky, so I'm picking him even though he's nominated for a different series.

Runner-up: Ben Wong nailed the mannerisms of a barrister.
Least favourite: Moses Chan, for the repetitive and uninteresting roles he had this year.

Favourite Supporting Actress

I've really like Natalie Tong's subtle performances in her last few dramas.

Runner-up: Elena Kong was a rare highlight in Smooth Talker.
Least favourite: Ivana Wong over-exaggerates in almost everything I've seen her in.

Favourite Supporting Actor

Vincent Wong was solid and had great chemistry with Josie Ho in Tomorrow is Another Day.

Runner-up: Raymond Cho deserves some recognition.
Least favourite: Can't decide between expressionless Benjamin Yuen and over-the-top Oscar Leung.

Favourite Female Character

Elena Kong's character in Smooth Talker was entertaining.

Runner-up: Giselle (Grace Chan) is actually very sweet if you just ignore the sexual harassment case.
Least favourite: Madam Chung. Do I need to explain further?

Favourite Male Character

I have a good feeling about Ruco Chan's prince role in Captain of Destiny.

Runner-up: Pass.
Least favourite: Wong Cho Lam was too excessive in Come On Cousin.

Favourite Drama

Eye in the Sky, even though it could have been so much better.

Runner-up: I surprisingly liked Limelight Years. It was a soothing series to watch.
Least favourite: Watching Tiger Cubs II felt like 1.5 hours of torture every week.

Favourite On-Screen Couple

I guess Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong did have chemistry in what little scenes I saw of them.

Runner-up: I can't even pick a second couple that I liked.
Least favourite: Joe Ma and Linda Chung?! Oh my gawddddd!

Favourite Theme Song

None of the theme songs were particularly memorable.

Runner-up: As above.
Least favourite: Fred Cheng's voice is not really suited for the style of the Officer Geomancer theme song.

Favourite Variety Show Categories
No picks for the variety show categories, but special shout-out to Not Far But Away, which gave the audience some perspective into North Korea.


  1. oh wow, i realized i didn't even watch enough dramas this past year to accurately vote. i only finished ghost of relativitiy, eye in the sky, tiger cubs, and limelight years from this list, don't know who i would vote for, but definitely agree with you about tiger cubs for every least favorite category LOL

  2. My kids love the Brick Slaves theme song lol. I have to watch the opening so they can have their mini dance party.

    I reckon Johnson and Elena's characters should be listed for best on screen couple.

  3. What are your thoughts on the winners this year? I am definitely disappointed by some of them, especially Linda Chung for her role in Tiger Cubs 2! Same with the eye in the sky theme song... if you have time, please check out our own post on the thoughts here http://ceejays-entertainment.blogspot.ca/2015/10/awards-starhub-tvb-awards-2015-thoughts.html