Sunday, September 27, 2015

Overview - Under the Veil

Appearances are an illusion, reality is seen in the heart. Even if people have similar appearances, their minds can lead them to different actions and results. Through three folk tales, Under the Veil will bring out thought-provoking messages about the true meaning of life.

Hairpin Exchange
During the Song Dynasty, the Crown Prince (Stanley Cheung) suspects that one of the ministers is plotting treason. He secretly sends a spy (male Kristal Tin) to infiltrate the Liao state and collect evidence. The spy's twin sister (female Kristal) volunteers to act as her brother's double while he is away. Although they fool everyone else, the brother's wife grows suspicious. Kristal uses various methods to resolve her predicaments. At the same time, she re-encounters her ex-lover Raymond Wong, which throws her heart into upheaval. However, Raymond has suffered from amnesia after a serious illness and has forgotten everything from the past. The Crown Prince suddenly goes missing and a spirit bird (Katy Kung) delivers a message to Kristal's brother. The search for the Crown Prince is full of climactic moments. Kristal suffers a huge blow, which puts her life in danger. Raymond finally remembers everything and is heartbroken...

Justice Luk
When a flood in the capital damages the Ten Kings Temple, the scholar Wayne Lai does everything he can to save the statute of Justice Luk (Willie Wai), thereby forming a special bond with the Justice. After Wayne miraculously experiences resurrection after death, he returns home to his wife Sonija Kwok, but finds that they have nothing to say to each other. Wayne visits a brothel to drown his sorrows and meets a well-known prostitute (Sonija II), whom he instantly clicks with. Remarkably, Wayne asks the Justice to switch the heads of his wife and the prostitute. But later, Wayne finds himself missing his wife. Suddenly, a fire breaks out at the brothel and Wayne desperately tries to save his wife. He asks the Justice to switch their heads back, but runs into many difficulties...

Chasing Fish
Bosco Wong's family had fallen into financial trouble, yet the date of his arranged marriage to Eliza Sam is approaching. He travels to her home to explain the situation. Along the way, he saves a carp (Eliza II). Grateful towards her saviour, the carp secretly follows Bosco via a water route. At Eliza's house, the penniless Bosco is looked down upon and only provided with a shack to stay in. In order to get closer to Bosco, the carp transforms herself into Eliza and spends time with him at the shack. They slowly develop feelings for each other. Bosco unintentionally becomes a local hero after standing up against injustice for the villagers and Eliza suddenly shows interest in him again. Fearful that she will lose Bosco, the carp transforms herself into Eliza and causes trouble in her family. No one can differentiate between the real and fake Eliza. The carp willingly accepts heaven's test to prove her true love towards Bosco...

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