Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Overview - Smooth Talker

Besides inheriting his father's social club, Joe Ma is also a mediator who often uses unusual methods to resolve conflicts between people. In one particular divorce case, he meets Kate Tsui. After her divorce, Kate and her sister Tracy Chu, who has social anxiety, temporarily moves in with their cousin Elena Kong. She soon discovers that her ex-husband's mistress lives in the same building. Because Joe frequently visits the building, she mistakenly believes that he colluded with the mistress to take over her and her ex-husband's apartment. In order to get revenge, she goes to work at a law firm where Joe's childhood friend Johnson Lee also works. As a result, she has more opportunities to interact with Joe and slowly begins to realize the tireless work that he has done to resolve her divorce case. They settle their rivalry and start to develop mutual trust. Kate is even influenced by Joe to take a mediation course, where she learns how to be considerate towards others. Just as their relationship is improving, Kate's ex-husband suddenly reappears. At the same time, Johnson accidentally finds new evidence that allows the murderer of Joe's father to be released. Everyone's lives, beliefs and relationships are suddenly dealt a big blow...

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