Friday, March 07, 2014

Overview - Swipe Tap Love

The year 2009 might have been an ordinary year for most people, but it was the turning point for two disheartened souls.

A news story about a fire causes TV reporter Priscilla Wong to think back to her father’s sudden death from a car crash. She regrets missing the opportunity to see him for the last time. That day, she encounters a glass artist (Raymond Wong) who had lost his sister in the fire. They stroll along the streets and silently accompany each other through the night. Afraid to miss another opportunity, Priscilla borrows Raymond’s cellphone to record a heartfelt message to her pursuer, Tony Hung.

Four years later, Priscilla is now a marketing manager at a chocolate company. She and Tony have grown distant and eventually break up. Priscilla and Raymond meet again when her mother (Rebecca Chan) agrees to babysit his daughter. They start to communicate through text messaging. Through their texts, they send each other support for work, family and love. It appears that, in their hearts, an app for love has already been installed…

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  1. Hi i like this show. i like it how everyone falls apart. Also i like the little girl. Also the chocolate girl.