Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reincarnations in A Great Way to Care 2

Oscar Leung - patient à doctor

Power Chan - patient à doctor

Lee Sing Cheung - patient à doctor

Otto Chan - patient à Aimee Chan's brother

Lau Kong - Kate Tsui's grandfather à priest/Tavia's adoptive father

Jimmy Au - murder victim à CID

Mary Hon - patient's mother à murderer

Yeung Ching Wah - CID à car mechanic/Tavia's childhood friend

Dia Yiu Ming - patient à wealthy heir

Chan Wing Chun - nurse à ex-arsonist

Andy Siu - former police officer à homeless man

Esther Wan - mother of victim à patient's wife

Joseph Yeung - school principal/pedophile à senior-level police (Tavia's superior)

Who else have you noticed in both series?


  1. okay now that is really weird...especially since this is a direct sequel =P ohhh tvb, you gotta start paying attention to the details!
    i thought the fact that kate's grandfather is now tavia's adoptive father is the strangest hahaha how could they not have taken into account of these characters??? running out of manpower...

  2. tvb is out of actors! haha soo cool u notice all

  3. Tavia Yeung's nose is creepy