Monday, November 25, 2019

Overview - Wonder Women

Miriam Yeung is a fashionable, cheerful, "multi-functional" housewife. She has a loving architect husband (Raymond Wong) and an intelligent and lively son. Her life is happy and blissful. She also has two close friends: the career-oriented Alice Chan and the beautiful, wealthy wife Rebecca Zhu. The three ladies have very different characters and views on love, and have experienced different bumps in their love lives. Raymond is completely focused on building his career and abandons his wife and son to go to China after he is caught cheating. Miriam becomes like an angel who has fallen to the ground with broken wings. Raising her son on her own and with an unpaid mortgage, she rents out a room in her apartment. Her squabbles with the tall, handsome, rich tenant Pakho Chau causes lots of funny moments. By chance, Miriam turns from a housewife to a famous chef. Pakho turns into her wings and helps her build her chef career. Women may wither because of one man's heartlessness, but can bloom again because of another man's affection. At this time, Raymond returns, seeking to remarry, while Pakho actively makes a move. The love triangle reaches a stalemate!

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