Sunday, September 15, 2019

Overview - Barrack O'Karma

Joel Chan becomes a security guard for the old Golden Building, where there are people of all kinds. He encounters resident and air stewardess Selena Li, who resembles the qipao-wearing woman from his dreams! Joel tries to get closer to Selena to learn about their connection to each other. At the same time, strange things keep occurring at the Golden Building, portraying the lives and fantastical stories of the residents. Joel discovers that Selena is only a mirage!

In the 1960s, a dancer (also portrayed by Selena) from the Golden Ballroom dreams that she will become an air stewardess in the future. She falls in love with a policeman (also portrayed by Joel), who resembles the man from her dreams. Her strange dream is turned into novel by bookstore owner Bob Cheung. Joel from the present keeps investigating and accidentally discovers this old novel. He is shocked to learn that he and Selena had a confusing love affair from a previous life.

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