Sunday, May 20, 2018

Deep in the Realm of Conscience Connection

Wu Zetian (Rebecca Chan in The Greatness of a Hero) is the mother of Emperor Zhongzong (Raymond Cho in The Greatness of a Hero), Emperor Ruizong (Lee Lung Kei in Deep in the Realm of Conscience) and Princess Taiping (Alice Chan in Deep in the Realm of Conscience). Her husband is the Emperor Gaozong.
  1. When Emperor Gaozong dies, he is succeeded by his son, Emperor Zhongzong (Raymond Cho). Empress Wei (Michelle Yim in Deep in the Realm of Conscience) is Zhongzong's wife. 
  2. Less than two months into his reign, Zhongzong is removed from the throne by his mother, Wu Zetian. She replaces him with his brother, Emperor Ruizong (Lee Lung Kei). 
  3. Eventually, Ruizong abdicates in favour of his mother. Wu Zetian establishes the Zhou Dynasty and rules as female Emperor for the next fifteen years. The events of The Greatness of a Hero take place during this period. 
  4. Wu Zetian is deposed in a palace coup. Zhongzong (Raymond Cho) is restored to the throne and the Tang Dynasty is resumed. 
  5. Zhongzong dies under mysterious circumstances (suspected poisoning by Empress Wei) and is succeeded by his son, Emperor Shang.
  6. Emperor Shang's reign lasts only 17 days as he is deposed in a coup led by the future Emperor Xuanzong (Steven Ma in Deep in the Realm of Conscience) and Princess Taiping (Alice Chan). They execute Empress Wei (Michelle Yim) and persuade Emperor Ruizong (Lee Lung Kei) to reclaim the throne. The events of Deep in the Realm of Conscience begin around this time. 
  7. Ruizong retires as emperor and passes the throne to his son, Emperor Xuanzong (Steven Ma). Empress Wang (Nancy Wu in Deep in the Realm of Conscience) is Xuanzong's wife. In his later years, Xuanzong (now Kwong Wah in The Legend of Lady Yang) falls in love with Yang Guifei (Anne Heung in The Legend of Lady Yang).
Emperor Xuanzong II (Moses Chan in Beyond the Realm of Conscience) is a sixth generation descendant of Emperor Xuanzong (Steven Ma/Kwong Wah). He eventually succeeds to the throne as the 19th emperor of the Tang Dynasty.
Note: Emperor Xuanzong (玄宗) and Xuanzong II (宣宗) have distinct Chinese characters in their names, but their names are spelled the same when romanized, thus the latter is sometimes referred to as 'Xuanzong II' in western sources.

yellow arrows = prior to the Zhou Dynasty
blue arrows = after the Zhou Dynasty


  1. Thanks for the explanation. As someone that only understand manadrin/cantonese like 60%, i get confuse a lot who is who and who is connected to who. I will always come to your site to read the connection of these tvb series. love the series. just got very confuse with the history! Thank you for putting the pieces together for someone like me!

    1. I love it when someone finds my posts helpful!