Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Succession War, Life on the Line, OMG Your Honour, The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Daddy Cool, Stealing Seconds, The Offliners, The Stunt

Deep in the Realm of Conscience

Another Era

The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady

Big White Duel

Justice Bao: The First Years

Our Unwinding Ethos

Fist Fight

Other featured series (no clips):
The Defected - Kara Hui, Benjamin Yuen, Philip Keung, Ben Wong, Sisley Choi, Matt Yeung
Wonder Women - Miriam Yeung, Pakho Chau, Raymond Wong, Alice Chan, Tony Hung, Rebecca Zhu
Forensic Heroes 4
Triumph in the Skies 2020


  1. Hi miriamfanz! Thanks for the clips, though I’m actually more interested in seeing which series (if any) you are looking forward to watching. The only one that remotely interests me is Another Era because of Roger playing a villain again and also the supporting cast – but I’m not fond of any of the 3 female leads though so not sure if I want to watch this.

    By the way, I’m not sure if you feel the same way but I find it interesting how TVB has been “copying” so many of HKTV’s series lately. I can understand My Unfair Lady having that HKTV vibe since the producer of that series returned to TVB from HKTV and made it very clear that he took what he had learned from there and applied it (4K filming method and splitting the show into seasons were the 2 most obvious “applications” though there were definitely more). Looks like the others are doing it too, just none of them are admitting to it – in some instances, maybe not direct copying per se, but definitely doing the same themes that TVB never considered doing before. For example, Come to Me (I think that’s the name – it’s that series starring Eddie Cheung and Sharon Chan) is obviously a rip off of Sexpedia (albeit a “tamer” version). Big White Duel sounds like Hidden Faces (the whole piece about the series not focusing on doctors but rather the medical establishment, which was something Hidden Faces emphasized as well). Our Unwinding Ethos sounds like TVB’s version of Karma (the format is similar as well with its focus on paranormal and having each episode being an individual story that ties together in the end). Line Walker 2 was a Borderline wannabe (not surprising since that series’ producer also co-produced Borderline). The premise of that new Chan Bo Wah series (the one that Miriam Yeung is returning for) sounds a little bit like Incredible Mama (though definitely younger version). I’m sure there are others too but those are the ones that come to mind.

    I’m honestly kind of glad that politics and the media are “taboo” topics for TVB so I don’t have to worry about them making their own versions of The Election and The Menu (though admittedly Liu Kai Chi’s character in Law Dis-Order was a watered down version of his Song Man Shan in The Election) – especially The Menu, which I would be absolutely pissed about if TVB were to even try touching that series (as long as Poon Man Hung and Ben Fong don’t return to TVB, I think that series will be safe, lol).

    Anyway, sorry for the rant….couldn’t help myself, as I know you’re one of the few who would be able to understand what I’m talking about since you followed HKTV’s series and still follow TVB stuff now. Curious to hear your thoughts!

    1. Admittedly, I didn't watch all of HKTV's series, but yes, I noticed very similar themes/techniques/characters (like ha, TVB magically thought of a sex themed series?). Personally I don't mind it if TVB is truly trying to learn from HKTV and improve, but so far they seem to just be ripping off stuff and doing a worse job.

      I can't wait for Miriam Yeung's series - I have a feeling the script can't be that bad, otherwise she wouldn't have agreed to film it. I also want to see Learning Curve of a Warlord for Dicky Cheung. Looking forward to see how TVB rewrites history in Succession War and Deep in the Realm lol.

    2. @miriamfanz: Yup...TVB is basically just ripping off stuff and doing a "poor man's version" of the series. The only exception I'm willing to make is My Unfair Lady, since that series' producer Chu King Kei (who had gone to HKTV previously and co-produced The Borderline alongside So Man Chung) had made it quite clear that he was taking what he had learned at HKTV and applying it to the series. In all honesty, the series still didn't have the quality of HKTV's series, but it was definitely a step up from TVB's standard, plus Chu Sir was honest about it from the beginning so I'm fine with it. All the rest of the ones I'm not ok with because none of them admitted to "lifting" ideas from HKTV...

      Speaking of HKTV....did you hear the news about them exiting the television industry for good? Ricky Wong made the announcement yesterday (they took back their second license application and are returning their mobile license as well). I wrote up a post about it on my blog in case you didn't get a chance to see the news articles but I also put my thoughts on the decision as well.

      In terms of the Chan Po Wah / Miriam series -- I'm pretty sure the script will be decent since Po Wah Jeh is a great scriptwriter (I like alot of her series), but I'm concerned with the casting. I don't dislike Miriam, I've just never been a fan of her series/movies or her music so to me, her being in this doesn't have much pull for it doesn't help that the rest of the cast is relatively weak (I like Raymond Wong but not to the point where I would watch a series just for him...not a fan of Pakho either). I'm just hoping TVB doesn't mess this one up because I don't think they will be able to get Po Wah Jeh or Miriam to come back again in the future.

      With the Dicky series, I heard through the grapevine that the series was poorly made and that's one of the reasons why TVB has been delaying airing it. Don't know how true this is of course, but given TVB's track record as of late, I'm leaning towards believing the rumors...also, as much as I love Dicky, I can't stand the rest of the cast (Sisley and Tony again? no thank you!).

      LOL...that's precisely why I don't want to watch Succession Wars and BTROC sequel. In the past, I was more willing to forgive historical inaccuracies if the rest of the production was relatively flawless, but nowadays, TVB can't even give me decent cast and plot / script so it's harder for me to look the other way when I'm getting nothing in return, lol.