Friday, June 23, 2017

Overview - Legal Mavericks

After losing his vision due to an accident, Vincent Wong faced discrimination and bullying. But it only boosted his willpower and determination to obtain his barrister's license. At the same time, he developed a superior sense of touch and becomes widely-known in the legal community as the Blind Lawyer. Still, it is difficult for anyone to truly understand his dark inner-world. Fortunately, he has two friends who are always there for him. One is his housemate and private detective Owen Cheung, the other is his paralegal with a triad background Sisley Choi. The trio is known the "Three Swordsman", unafraid of standing up to authority and helping vulnerable populations fight for justice. Vincent's borderline tactics attract the attention of judge Ali Lee, who is interested in developing their relationship beyond friendship. The four people's fate experience drastic changes as they encounter many difficult cases. On top of that, Vincent's father and junior classmate (Tracy Chu) reappear, leading to problems that even the law cannot resolve...

TVB will be airing Legal Mavericks on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning June 24. The Mandarin version will be released weekly through iQiyi. 


  1. sounds like 'daredevil' but then again tvb has hardly been using original ideas but I would definitely be interest in seeing this because of vincent wong & the storyline but mostly vincent wong.

    I've noticed that you use the actor's name when writing overviews, is that because you have yet to know the names of the characters or is that just a preference? to be honest, I rarely know the actors' names so it really didn't make any difference to me but I was just curious of your method.

    have a lovely day.

  2. It's a preference because I'm more familiar with the actor's name than the character's name.

  3. another drama with highly improbable plot twists and a blind superhero with a keen sense of hearing that will put any dog to shame any day. Too many loopholes and convenient discoveries plague this otherwise quite enjoyable drama. Expect the usual stupid ending in TVB dramas.

  4. Great show and everything but again with the stupid ending. Though I do hope for part 2!!!!!