Sunday, May 28, 2017

Overview - Phoenix Rising

Just before her wedding, wealthy heiress Louisa So is charged and imprisoned for murdering her adoptive mother. She encounters her long-lost sister Leila Tong, who is a corrections officer, and consequently, is reunited with elder sister Kristal Tin as well. Kristal and Leila run around to try to prove Louisa's innocence.

Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. After Kristal and her boyfriend Sunny Chan give birth to a son, she discovers that she is terminally ill. She decides to take the fall for Louisa and enters prison in her place. Leila continues investigating on her own and is shocked to discover that Kristal's medical report was actually a plot by Louisa. She finds it difficult to accept what her sister has done.

To prevent Kristal from suffering innocently in prison, Leila knowingly breaks the law and helps with Kristal's plan to escape. Louisa wants to eliminate all loose ends and ruthlessly goes after Kristal. But it causes her beloved husband's (Ben Wong) family to be ruined, making her feel extremely guilty. From then on, the three sisters' fate and safety is tied to the barred windows of prison...

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