Monday, March 13, 2017

Overview - Married But Available

After experiencing a near-death situation, young couple Tony Hung and Priscilla Wong hastily get married while vacationing abroad. As fate will have it, they end up working at the same company when they return to Hong Kong. Priscilla's boss, Alice Chan, had a hurtful relationship with ex-husband Hugo Ng, causing her to despise marriage and devote all her time to work. She offers Priscilla a high salary to become her personal assistant. Hoping to improve her life, Priscilla chooses to conceal her marriage. Tony reluctantly cooperates and must be careful at every step. On one hand, he is loyal to his boss and good friend Raymond Wong, who is Alice's rival. On the other hand, he must stay silent even as he watches Raymond pursuing Priscilla. When Tony re-encounters his childhood friend Kelly Fu, his fragile soul cannot withstand her unconditional love. They have a dreamy romance, until Tony shockingly discovers that Kelly is Raymond's sister, making this complicated battle for love even more intense...

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