Sunday, January 15, 2017

Overview - Burning Hands

Since their youth, Ruco Chan, Rosina Lam and Joel Chan have been learning con-artist tricks from their mentor Pat Poon. Ruco and Rosina have already reached the stage of discussing marriage, but a competition causes them to break-up and become estranged. Later, the chairman of an entertainment resort, Pal Sinn, colludes with Pat to set up a scheme in order to find a mole. Ruco and Joel are forced to conduct a secret mission, in which they not only re-encounter Rosina, but also develop a relationship with Pal's daughter, Kelly Fu. Combining everyone's different talents and skills, they eventually figure out that the mole is either Pal's right-hand man (Geoffrey Wong), soulmate (Rebecca Chan) or a business competitor. But the matters before one eyes are often inconsistent with the truth. Ruco infiltrates Pal's corporation to investigate the truth behind why Pal killed his father (Hugo Ng) twenty years ago. With danger lurking in every corner, the entertainment resort is about to be rocked by massive changes. Friends become enemies, mentor and mentee severe their relationship, and father and son have irreconcilable differences...