Saturday, April 23, 2016

ICAC Investigators 2016 - Preview of Cases

Case #1:
Inspired by her brother's girlfriend, Karmen Kwok joins the ICAC as an assistant investigator. During the initial training, she constantly makes mistakes, but her proactive attitude and dedication leaves a deep impression on instructor Ruco Chan.

While visiting her grandmother, senior investigator Natalie Tong overhears the neighbours talking about how Lawrence Cheng, a candidate for the District Council by-election, is bribing voters using clever tactics that circumvent the law. They all have a different view on whether Lawrence's actions constitutes as illegal. Natalie tells her superior Chris Lai about Lawrence's case. It turns out that the ICAC has already receive complaints and is preparing an investigation.

Case #2:
As Karmen completes her training, Ruco is also transferred back to the front lines. He partners with Natalie to investigate a case involving a wristwatch corporation bribing tour guides. As it is a complex case, principal investigator Elena Kong decides to personally participate in the investigation. They encounter many problems as they gather evidence. Ruco and his long-time girlfriend Elaine Yiu are each busy with work. Elaine makes huge profits in real estate and is gradually becoming blinded by money. One time, she mentions about a conspiracy between a real estate agent and an employee of the developer to fraudulently earn commission. Ruco points out that their actions may have violated the law and reminds Elaine not to join them. They part on bad terms.

Case #3
The ICAC receives case after case. Businessman Raymond Chiu is offering bribes to a senior bank officer, Jimmy Au. Elena assigns the case to Chris' team. The investigation takes a long time, but after a lot of hard work, the ICAC finally arrest Raymond and Jimmy, and lay charges on them. However, on the day of the trial, Raymond skips bail and absconds. At the same time, Elena suddenly faints and is hospitalized.

Case #4
With Elena in the hospital, principal investigator Kenneth Ma takes over a case involving a tobacco company CEO accepting bribes from cigarette smugglers. Kenneth personally leads the investigation. Because of the difficulty of obtaining evidence, Kenneth sends Kelly Fu to act as an undercover. During the course of the investigation, Kelly discovers that she is pregnant, but decides to continue on. At the same time, Kenneth and Ruco go to Saipan to find evidence in a thrilling adventure. Meanwhile, Ruco also participates in a fraud case involving real estate developers. He is shocked to find that his girlfriend Elaine is implicated in the case...

Case #5
Ruco investigates well-known businesswoman Florence Kwok for fraud. Florence is bribing her subordinates to falsify warrants in order to make profit. As the investigation reaches a mature stage, Kenneth leads the team to make the arrests. Florence subsequently deploys judicial tactics to delay the case and attempt to avoid trial. Meanwhile, Raymond, who escaped earlier, is arrested overseas and extradited back to Hong Kong for trial. Elaine is arrested by the ICAC for colluding with real estate developers to fraudulently obtain commission...

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